HONG IN Co., Ltd.

Railroad Cars Part

Railroad Cars Business Part of Hongin CO., Ltd. designs and manufactures parts for railroad cars like air duct, molding, ceiling and s0 on. We also manufacture control panels, Cases of bottom part for onshore and Offshore project.

USA SCRRA 2nd Floor Train
Side Sealing Panel
USA MBTA 2nd Floor Train
Air Duct
Honam High-speed Railway
220-car Stream

Based on leading-edge technology and true will of all employees, we can fit your needs Fully Satisfied and make Every Efforts Trust of quality and delivery.

Product Item Remark
KTX Roof streaming 2009 ~
U.S.A. SCRRA double-decker
passenger car
Side ceiling panel 2010 ~
U.S.A. MBTA double-decker
passenger car
Air duct 2011 ~
Turkey TCDD sudway train Cabinet 2012 ~

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