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Hongin specializes in coating, design of steel and electrical supply for railroad cars. Since 1999, based on leading-edge technology and true-will of all employees, we provide a packaged service of whole manufacturing process from design to tray installation. Hongin always makes your needs fully satisfied by customer-oriented management system and makes a new leap forward in development of technology.

Hongin makes every effort to achieve 100% of quality. We also believe that quality is a top priority of management process.

Besides this, we operate H.S.E system for clean and safe worksite and all employees follow the rules thoroughly.

Communication is the basis of Hongin’s management. The communication is just the motive power of advancement. Free communication aids all employees to unite and understand each other. Based on ethical management, Hongin is steadily growing in the rapidly changing circumstances.


Organization Overview
Iron Division
Organization for Iron Division
Painting Division
organization paint division
Electric Division

H.S.E. Management

Management Philosophy od HONG IN Co., Ltd. is Based man’s life and dignity. We regard H(Health), S(Safety), E(Environment) as the highest value. In addition we make persistent efforts for disease-free, accident-free, pollution-free.

We improve all of our process from order and carry out the staff satisfaction and green environment by IS9001 IS14001

To meet the H.S.E.

  • Through effortive communication, our executives, members, subcontractor and our customer understand the policy and the purpose and participate in spontaneously.
  • We continuously reduce the impact on workers and the environment by establishing company and its stakeholders.
  • We establish a safety management system and safety culture through by education and training to executives, staff member and subcontractor.


  • Try to improve health and working environment for the better quality of life Principle of Health Preservation


  • Try to improve health and working environment for the better quality of life Principle of Health Preservation


  • Take part in eco-friendly activities positively to realize pollution-free green factory Principle of eco-friendly



  • “Re-Start to be hold for New Business Area.”


  • Tray forming system facilities completed (Haman factory)
  • Paint shop & shot room facilities completed


  • ISO 14001 certified
  • Established R & D Center


  • Supplier Registration for DSME


  • Expanded Ui-ryeong factory expansion
  • Expanded bus-bar Business part (manufacturing and plating)


  • Supplier Registration for ROTEM, DSME (YL.IND.CO.,LTD), S.H.I. (PAINT)


  • ISO 9001 Certified


  • Relocated to Noksan National
  • Industrial Complex Constructed
  • Automatic line Expand of the production line


  • Establishment


General Certificate
Intellectual Property

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